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 Alderaan Planet RP. Story suggiestions.

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Master of Military
Master of Military

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PostSubject: Alderaan Planet RP. Story suggiestions.   Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:39 am

Allright, this is the topic for the Alderaan Planet RP.

Here you can make suggiestions, note to base it around assisting the Organa in the civil war and against the empire.
The main focus will be on Alderaan, but redirections on later time can be accepted.

So now, all your suggiestions are belong to us! Cool

- Note, i'll be gone this weekend, back on sunday

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PostSubject: Re: Alderaan Planet RP. Story suggiestions.   Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:19 am

As a back up to this post and being part of initial set up Team i can expand a little and confirm the following :-

1) A suitable building has been chosen as the headquarters of operations -
It is located near the planets cantina near to Organa castle
It is presently being renovated and redeveloped to meet the needs of the Guild.
As such there are lots of building materials and work ibeing disguised as part of the redevelopment of the "Shining Stars" cantina which is also under renovation.
The whole headquarters building is meant to be a secret location to offer the Guild a base so kindly act appropriately when within the area of either building.

2) Initial surveys of the planet are still ongoing in order to identify ALL areas in which we may need to act.
In other words list here any locations on the planet you are aware of that would be good for Guild RP.. (Quote that X:Y grid co-ordinates or as best a description as possible)

I'll try to keep this post as the sort of summary of all the ideas that come below and are being acted on.

Master Cavella
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Alderaan Planet RP. Story suggiestions.
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