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 A Master and an Apprentice

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PostSubject: A Master and an Apprentice   A Master and an Apprentice EmptyFri Feb 24, 2012 10:14 am

Apprentices. Does it matter how many apprentices a Master has?

The point in the Star Wars history that SWTOR is set in frames this with absolute clarity. Jedi used to take on as many apprentices as they wanted to train, then train them themselves, with no oversight from anyone else, since that was in times before the Jedi High Council.

Many Jedi fell to the Dark side, with Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun famously falling from glorious Jedi Knights to wickedly brutal powerful Sith. Through the times that SWTOR is set in, the High Council was first formed and set up laws and bylaws for the Jedi Order.

It was in these early days of the Council that the term Padawan was first introduced. From then Masters were restricted to taking only one Padawan at a time, which is where we're up to now, in SWTOR.

The High Council then brough in even more barriers to training, such as a cut off age for students to be selected for apprenticeship. There was even annual Apprentice tournament to test the students and help with the selection of apprentices, with the Masters on the High Council setting the rules of this.

The notion is that the Force brings a Master and a Padawan pair together, so there are always two, a Master and an Apprentice, never more, never less. And through this 1:1 mentorship the wayward fall to the Dark side can better be avoided.

Although that's the absolute rule enforced on Jedi by the Council in the gameworld now, it's for us to play with it as we see fit. Will the characters we have as Jedi Masters be dutiful, adhering to the spirit and letter of the Council's laws? Or will characters stick with the letter (and take only one Padawan) but not the spirit, seeking to guide many others? Or will they set themselves apart from the Council, no longer as Jedi, and train more than one student at a time, as Masters did in past decades, but choosing this knowing places them outside of the Jedi Code, the Jedi Order and Jedi Council?

In the future, Luke Sykwalker changes the rules, letting Masters take on more than one apprenice . . . but it goes badly for him with two of Luke's students then falling to the Dark side, so a Council was again formed and the rule of two (one Master and one Apprentice) again brought into force.

What d'you reckon?

We play good, dutiful Jedi, able to call themselves Jedi Masters, doing as the Council demands?

We play wayward Jedi, aiding more than one student?

We play maverick force users, no longer Jedi and no longer beholden to the Council, openly taking on more than one student at a time?

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PostSubject: Re: A Master and an Apprentice   A Master and an Apprentice EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 4:15 am

During the collection of my extensive library of Star Wars related literature, I came across probably one of my favourite books, called "The Jedi Path". Within it's pages it talks about the roles, duties and traditions of the Jedi, and I thought I'd throw up the quote on Padawans and their Masters on here.

"As a Padawan Learner, you will venture into the galaxy far beyond Coruscant. Take this opportunity to delve into the Force and absorb the wisdom of a Knight or a Master who has long served the Republic.


The life of a Jedi is one of service to the citizens of the Republic, and your apprenticeship is designed to prepare you for this life. Outsiders may look at you with confusion, hostility, or awe, but you must focus on your mission. Your guide through all of this will be your Master. Listen to you Master's teachings even when they seem contradictory to what you have learnt at the Temple. You are an apprentice for a reason - ifyou do not seize every learning opportunity, you will never reach Knighthood.

The Council is generally not involved with the pairing of a Master and a Padawan. The Force will act as a guide, expressing itself through this bond, and rarely needs outside help. However, Jedi Seers have at times perceived destinies that require a specific arrangement of players. In these decisions, the will of the Force - and by extension, the will of the Council - must be honoured. The Council's Word is final.

A bond between Master and Padawan is one that can be cherished. Knowledge is gained from the mystic knowledge of your elders, and no matter what species, rank, nor past can hinder this training. You will become brothers bound by the Force, and as such, you extend the Force outwards to the rest of the galaxy."

^--- Bearing this in mind, I feel that maybe having one Padawan is more accustomed to the Jedi Teachings. This text was alloted sometime after the sacking of Coruscant, so I can assume that it's intended for around this era. Personally, I believe that RP between a single Master and Padawan could be a completely unique experience, sharing RP and friendship within their characters that no other characters can experience.

Mastering many pupils can also lead to jealousy. Jealousy is a foreshadowing of anger, and anger leads to the Dark Side. If you and a single Padawan focus on their work, you can keep full eyes, and feelings upon them. If your focus is split equally, the chances of a Master realising his mistake may come too late. My perfect example of this is when Luke Skywalker began the new Jedi Order after Episode six, on Yavin 4. He never distilled a focus on Master and Padawan, and instead intended to teach them all, leading in two of his apprentices turning to the dark side.

Just my two cents, hope this clears up any questions :3
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A Master and an Apprentice
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