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 A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force

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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 9:09 am

Previously on this RP session:

Marden'ant send Ioana on a mission where she must proove herself worthy of being his apprentice: to kill Reyne.
She locates Reyne and she follows him around like a hunter stalking the prey.
She finds out that Reyne has deep feelings for a jedi woman ,Serenity.And so,she makes a plan,to lure Reyne in a trap.
She captures Serenity,and meets with Reyne,to inform him that his dear Jedi woman is in gepardy and may allready be dead.
Captured by fury,Reyne activates a power whitin him,and tries to extract the memories of Ioana in order to find out where is Serenity being held.
This action weakens him but the life of Serenity is in his hands..

Ioana only laughs with excitement as Reyne rushes to the place...


As Reyne enteres the cave,the smell of death floods his nostrils.
The dim light guided him on as the sound of cracking bones clutched at his feet.

Then he started hearing things-strange echoes.Howling tones,sharp ones too.

WHISPERED CHILD VOICE: Shattered are the icons of the worthless.The Goddess scorned is a Valkyrie born.
Scattered are the wings of the virulent holy.Leave their husks to be the prey of vultures and dogs.

All along the walls hanged cages of different shapes and sizes.Some still with putrefied body remains stuck in it.

And on the walls,painted in red,were all kinds of mystic signs of ancient secret dark arts.

WHISPERED SHARP VOICE:She who fain would learn all sorcery Yet has not won its deepest secrets.

A strange feeling of familiarity stroke Reyne,altough he could not tell why he got that.

He passed by near a small hexagonal pool,filled with blood and cadavres.Ne noticed on a carefull look that on some of the corpses were carved letters.
As he focused on desciffre it,the answer came clear to him.All of the mutilated bodyes,and the severe heads carried only one deepcarved word : REYNE.
Then he suddentlly saw himself carving the name on someone,feeling the shiverness and fear of the body he pearched with a vibroknife.

WHISPERED CHILD's VOICE:I kill without scruple or silent regret ,in haunts of the sinister lunar aspect.For I am the pleasure that comes from your pain
Tiny red miracles falling like... rain(reyne).

Above the crimson pool hanged all kinds of chains with handcuffs at the end.For a second he saw her tied there,
but the image soon dissapeared as he kept mooving forward on the skull paved path.
As he walked deeper into the cave the voices becamed more clearer.They seemed distant yet present.
Howling tones,sharp ones too.Where this sounds were coming,Reyne could not tell.

WHISPERED SHARP VOICE:She sleeps beyond the grace of god-A dreaming beauty.If wishes could only fray that bond, the dead would sing for me....

Then he noticed.A few metters away there were two prison cells.His heart skipped a beat as he rushed in that direction.

WHISPERED LOW VOICE:I sense her that waits for me there ,dancing with the statues in the pale moonlight ,
the velveret whisper at play with her hair.

Serenity was held in one of the cells.She was uncounscious and her body showed no particular signs of torture.

WHISPERED CHILD VOICE:Will they know of majesty ,the angel's held in dream-dead sleep and scarlet seas that bleed the frozen shores?
Reyne felt releaved to see her alive and searched for a cell release button.
His body mooved heavilly as pain struck him.His last encounter with Ioana weakened him greatlly.
As he failed to find a way to free Serenity,he pauses,angered telling to himself:"I wont stop until I find a way to free you,Serenity!"

Her purple veiled silhouette was sitting still.She was dressed in ritualic garments.Her white marbled hands were tied above her head.
Her long hair was let loose,glowing in scarlet accents over her bare shoulders and down to her reavealed chest.Her eyes were veiled.
Sorrow could be read on her porcelain visage.

Reyne-seeing her in this way,disturbed him.In the darkest hour,his eyes stumbled upon an image undoubtelly sensual.
This tought ashamed him.It was like a sacrilege,like undressing purity and finding passionate impulses.

TREMORED WHISPERED VOICE:A wicked spell cast over me ,Addicted to her utterly-despite the horrors that shattered ,beneath the beautiful sedated angel.

The voices all around start to speak at the same time: Thee I invoke, bornless one..All woman, pure predator.Wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell
Like a seething fall from grace...

**A diabolical laughter starts filling the air.The sound comes from everywhere but no other presence is to be sensed near.**
DIABOLICAL VOICE:My crown is fire, the morbid sinews of lust.Like strings to be pulled, and cut I will make my puppets dance.
The men will bow down before me,to take my flesh as lucid thoughts of dark, unbridled lust.
I am all these things and more...Thus I await you, Reyne of the Light-to bring you pain,and the bride of death itself!!

Reyne recognised Ioana's voice.He looked around mad with anger holding his hand on the hilt of the lightsaber ,but she was not to be sensed near.

Diabolical voice:I saw how you were looking at her.Many never want to see,as many never want to know what truth lies behind their fantasies-Their deepest needs.
Let alone be shown to them.

Reyne tried to ignore her poisonous words,as he focused on the surroundings,keeping his guard up.The pain in his body made him grind once more.

DIABOLICAL VOICE:I wonder,If you could take her from there,would you threat her more kindly than me?
Would you not dream to tear appart that perfect inocence?And cover her with fire burning kisses that should melt her snow-like skin?
She is weak,Reyne.But you are not!

REYNE: I am not like you. I love her, and I would sacrifice myself for her. You confuse love with lust ,you crazy bitch!

TREMORED WHISPERED VOICE:My queen,She is martyred to teach
SHARP WHISPER: That divinity and Lust
WHISPERED CHILD VOICE:Are forever forbidden to meet.

Reyne:Show yourself,Coward!

DIABOLICAL VOICE:Leave her at this end.It would mean a pity,I believe.
The likes of her are only to amuse the likes of us!And you are a monster as well,Reyne!
I saw it today.His true power.You think you can controll that entity for long?

REYNE: I will never harm Serenity, vile monster.There is nothing that matters more to me than her life.
I would see myself dead before I'll let anything bad happen to her. You will never understand, because you will never feel love, or friendship,or devotion.
And I pity you for that!


DIABOLICAL VOICE:One day it will thirst for its true calling!And you would not stop him!He will take control and he will have his blood tribute.

Reyne began to feel the rage taking control of him,making his blood boil, and his eyes began to cast purple glimps of fire.
And Serenity moved,as if nightmares took over her.

Reyne-tryes to touch her forgetting for a moment about the laser shield of the cell.But the paine quickly reminded him.
At that moment She screamed-"Reyne".
And she clutched her right hand.

"she could feel that...?this is not possible.how can it be...if it is,tough..then tonight our fate is sealed.
If im gonna survive this Devil she is gonna live.I'f not I'm gonna take the both of us to our graves.."

"Run...Run.."serenity started to mumble.She was waking up."Reyne...I feel you're..allready weakened..You can't face her like this..
I can..I am prepared ..to ..face my ..end"
"Go..you still have time to escape from this trap..My Reyne..You have no ideea of what this monster is capable of!"

As she spoked a suddent burst of lightning stroke her.

DIABOLICAL VOICE: Silence puppet!

REYNE:How dare you!raged Reyne looking around to find the monster queen.

Serenity:Listen to me..aaah..The things I saw..I can never bear to see it happening to you..Reyne..
Reyne looked at Serenity and whispered to her:You are my life now,Senenity.And I will take you away from this hell.I swear that!

Hearing his words,made her feel strong and fear started to fade from her heart.

Serenity:She killed..so many..and made me watch..guiltless people..whitout reason..she must be punished.

Serenity's words start to make Reyne remember something...And he sees himself doing the killings.

She was restrained in the blood pool,and still cried as he...no not he..as sHe wrote on the screaming victims the name of "Reyne".

WHISPERED CHILD VOICE::She lusts for the wind and the flurry of leaves, and the perfume of flesh on the murderous breeze..

WHISPERED TREMORED VOIDE:To learn from the dark and the voices between,to baithe in the blood,Our remorceless Queen.

Reyne starts living a memory so vividly.He is lost away in this.
"There was a good hunt that day.The girl's shouts lured some of the scouts in the area.And quite a few imperialists.It didn't matter.
Prey is prey no matter what side of the war it comes from.
It would've been more interesting if the jedi brat just kept shouting and asking for help but no,she had to try and resist.Foulish.
And nothing was more pleasing than to make that white milky skin of hers pinkish and red.And it tasted good too.
It was hard to resist not to start cutting it trough,and her screams only made it sweeter.But the plan was perfect and needed to be fullffiled.
When you manipulate ones mind you have to learn how to wait.The victory allways tastes better in the end.And there was fun to this.
Lining up the bounded worms.Writing that name on their foreheads so that little girl would get only more paranoid and scared.And then the fun began.
One would say that cutting trough flesh all day,or removing organs from its sockets would get boring at some point.
Even the sounds might tire you in the end.
That is only a lie!There is never enough blood to spill around.And her cute little horrofied face."I made her eat all the eyes."...

DIABOLICAL VOICE:And now,dear Reyne,your faith is sealed.Let my memories that grow inside you,my devoted servants,eat your rotten soul to core!

WHISPERED CHILD VOICE:And she will come, as if in dream, My languid, dark and lustrous Zabrak Queen...

TREMORED WHISPERED VOICE:Of vengeful, ancient breed, Gilded with the pelts of many enemies...

SHARP WISPERED VOICE:Ioana, raven-haired ,Thy seduction haunts the castle in horrorfied despair...

Sensing that his toughts are darkened,Serenity tries to reach him trough the Force to calm his spirit.But the sedatives made it hard for her to concentrate.

Serenity's cry brought him back.But he was not the same..
"His hands were drenched in blood as all those screems echoed in his ears.All those souls..All those bones..All that madness.."
As his eyes fell on Serenity he suddently bowed his head and looked down.He knew now what she went trough..And he saw himself doing it."

TREMORED WHISPERED VOICE:And so was sealed,in ruby glows that shattered,on her pale marbled skin.The echoes of his name

"On her back amongst the large numbers of fresh made wounds,five scarlet letters were cut in her pale white skin..
WHISPERED VOICE:To the depths of Her soul they pursued,Wielding their poisonous mark..

REYNE: How dare you...how.."voice changes" HOW DARE YOU! You just keep killing innocents one by one. Now you trully made me angry !!! "

Then Serenity felt it.His transformation.He was not Reyne anymore..
His eyes turned purple,and all around him there was this energy,powerfull and vile raging from the dephs of his new manifested counscience.

DIABOLICAL VOICE:The most beautifull trap,to still ones sanity.And in return to gladly pave his pshico path with demented bloodlust.


Reyne felt as tough his mind and actions started to be controlled by another.
It was that familiar feeling again,that allways followed him.Like there was a presence whitinh him ,lethargic and potent.
Sensing how pure energy fill his veins and how his mind is becoming subdued to the Entity completly ,he closed his eyes and smiled to himself:
"they say that when you make an angel cry,you do not desrve to live!I'm gonna make that bitch pay for it!
And I am gonna live!and you are going to be there by my side ,Serenity!"

He opened his eyes casting sparks of purple fire.His voice was raged and profund.

REYNE:"Show yourself decadent beast!It is time you'll end this delusional reign oh horror!"

DIABOLICAL VOICE:After I will be done with you,and that will happen quick,I'm gonna take my time with her!

WHISPERED SHARP VOICE:..To decorate her cave
THEMORED WHISPERED VOICE:..with the crushed inocence of a naked carcass.

From the shadows that hissed,Ioana appeared to Reyne.She was dressed in a ceremonial gown.
And her malice eyes that glowed like gold cast poisonous glimmers.

Reyne ignited his lightsaber as he approached steadilly the Zabrak.
Reyne:For all your crimes...You shall pay!!For all that pain and fear you inflicted,You shall die!
Her diabolical laughter poisoned the air as she dissapeared from his sight once more.
Reyne faded into shadows trying to locate the beast in his mind.
And he stroke,blindly..but smiled at the sound of her scream."You reak of blood.And that stench makes you quite trackable."

Ioana started laughing as she engulfed Reyne in a tremorous lightning.
As his body trembled in shock,he tried to resist and slowly mooved towards Ioana.
Just when she intensified the lightning bolts Reyne quickly grabbed her by the head,and started to slowly crush her skull with just one hand.
His rage was intense.It made his breath turn into steams.As Ioana started to strugle under his pressure.
Reyne just grinned at her useless attempt to break free,tasting her suffering in the upcoming death.

Marden'ant:Let her go ,Reyne.

Sudentlly Reyne feels two red eyes behind him and he suddently lets Ioana fall on the floor as he faces the newcomer.

Marden'Ant was watching Reyne with fury in his dark red eyes.He felt the power of his former apprentice.
It was like Reyne was someone else now ,more stronger with the dark side than ever before.

Reyne watched Marden with intense curiousity.

REYNE:Oh! So you are Reyne's former master...how pathetic...how far has fallen the sith order today..tsk tsk tsk,said Reyne shaking his head.

Marden'ant hold his hand on his blade.Reyne's words made him Force leap over to Reyne ,preparing to strike him with his shining deadly blade.

Reyne skillfully dodges Marden's strike grinning.

As he met Reynes despising look upon him,Marden'ant starts to force choke his former apprentice.

Reyne only grinnes maniacally feeling the grip on his troat rising his body in the air.

REYNE:You will fall Marden....and Reyne will be there, to see it.

Serenity: Leave him alone,monster!
Only then Marden notices Serenity locked and tied up in the cell.He is suddentlly amused by this scene and his eyes fell upon Ioana that is uncounscious on the ground.
He ponders for a moment keeping Reyne in the grip and looks back at Serenity.He then concentrates on the cell and crushes it.

Marden'ant:If you want this worm to live another second heal my apprentice.

Rising from the ground ,with her hands still tied,Serenity nods at Marden and kneels next to Ioana thinking about Reyne.She starts to channel low healing waves on Ioana's body.

Sounds of battle were herd outside.This made all of them to react.

An ideea then striked Serenity's mind.It was clear she and Reyne might never make it alive.There was something that needed to be done and quick.And so,she starts to concentrate falling in a deep thrance state.

The ground beneath them started to tremble.And rocks started to fall from above.Small ones at first,but large ones started to follow.

Marden'ant grined at the distraction."I shall leave you to your graves,worthless scums!"He looked over at Ioana who started to wake up unaware of her surroundings.
Perhaps she deserved to die with the rest.After all,she failed.But there was something about her that Marden'ant couldn't quite put his finger on.So he took her from the ground into his arms and faded into darkness.

Reyne rises from the ground and looks at the huge rocks that fall from within the cave.He then notices Serenity ,passed out on the floor."Reyne wants this girl to live..His will to live depends on her existance,it seems.Very well.."

And Reyne takes Serenity into his arms and goes towards the exit."I hope you will get over this,Reyne.For this path would only lead you to deception and bitter toughts."
He was heading to the only place he found in Reyne's heart connected to Serenity...atop a mountain, near the ledge, on Alderaan...

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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: Re: A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 11:51 am

For those who didnt get to experience this first hand, let me just say that as a passive observer (and due to location generic mob spawn killer) the way this story was acted out and put across was indeed spectacular.

Ioana had pre written parts of the script up front for ease of some of the initial speech, so was copying and pasting like a mad woman in places but the effect was impressive and well deserved a bigger audience.
*Big Well Done* from me

So to the point of this post

This is an expansion of the existing Marden 'ant plotline bringing in more characters and potential enemies and is aimed at bringing more of us as a Guild into the RP. (pleanty more room for plot yet)

If you have any ideas or want to be more involved let the guild know .. no matter how small the idea i'm sure there are people who can and will help flesh it out into something more should you wish.
Think of all your classic TV series/books/movies that last several series and have an overall plot arc that runs across them all.
Thats what some of us would like to help develop on the server as a place where you truly are playing the republic hero of your own little movie. (Not sure the poor Sith get heroes - lol! )

but if thats nt for you don't panic .. just come along and have fun.

signing off for now.

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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: hehehe   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 7:11 pm

I just wanted to say that this Rp session would had not been possible in the location Raynd choose so perfectly without Cavella and Shinkay!!!Thank you guys for escorting fellow sith chars and protecting their arses!
And as Cav sugested we want to extend the story and we need volunteers!!!Especially sith chars!!
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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: Re: A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force EmptyThu Feb 16, 2012 9:14 pm

This event sounded freaking unbelievable! I can't believe I missed it D:

In terms of RP with Mard, and developing the story further, I'd love for Telretha to be a part of that.

Once again, amazing event, and incredible write-up Ioana :3
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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: thank you thel!!   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force EmptyFri Feb 17, 2012 12:58 am

Thank you.Unfortunatelly that session I couldn't make it more open to other chars.But this is what I am planing.So lets create something togeder!
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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty
PostSubject: Re: A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force   A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force Empty

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A story about two oposite souls linked by the Force
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