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 Well it took me long enough

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Well it took me long enough Empty
PostSubject: Well it took me long enough   Well it took me long enough EmptySat Apr 14, 2012 9:34 am

Hi my name is Frank, i am 28 i live in South East England (but i'm scottish). I know its a terrible thing to say i left Great Scotland to live down here, But it was for a good cause i joined the Royal Navy 9 years ago. Been travelling the globe well trying to anyway. I am a huge star wars fan, never done any online gaming what so ever so not up to scratch on the whole RP side. I play Monty a Jedi Sentinel who is a bit of a charming guy (bit like myself) who believes in the good in most people. He is friendly and always willing to help someone in need especially if its a lady The whole damsel in distress really floats his boat. I'd say he a mix between Han and Luke.

Well it seems the done thing to post a Mugshot so here goes,

Well it took me long enough Me_not11

Well that was a mission and a half to upload, i'll stick to using tools and fixing engines and not dabble in web design..

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Well it took me long enough
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