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 Tel'aia - Jedi Master

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PostSubject: Tel'aia - Jedi Master    Tel'aia - Jedi Master  EmptySat Mar 17, 2012 8:45 pm

>Recording begins<

This recording is being made by Grand Master Fae Coven, recovering information on the state of the Jedi Temple after the Treaty of Coruscant. Today I am analysing the case of Jedi Master Tel'aia Cheenal.

Name: Tel'aia Cheenal.

Age: From what we can tell, during the time period she was in her mid-thirties.

Role: According to a new holocron we found from the period, Tel'aia was a controversial Jedi Master. She was constantly deployed to battlefields during the outbreak of war after the Treaty of Coruscant. Due to the retreat of Jedi to the homeworld of Tython, the war was normally left to the troopers that were being deployed across the galaxy. Tel'aia and a small group of Jedi took up the role, with discussion from the Jedi Council, to resume their positions as Generals, taking the battle to the planetside combat. Tel'aia was revered for her success on the occupation of Alderaan, and the management of rebuilding efforts on Coruscant.

From what we can tell, she is controversial due to her personality. Although she was an honest, and devoted to the light, her actions made her seem rash and brutal, her success in war only fuelling rumours that she had turned to the dark side. The Council see this as grounds to refuse her from the Jedi Council as a member.

She follows the code ritualistically, and was a devoted padawan, an honourable Jedi Knight, and was promoted to the rank of Master a couple of years before the Treaty of Coruscant.

I'll update these recordings when we discover more.

>End Recording<
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Tel'aia - Jedi Master
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