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 Behind Sicnarf

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PostSubject: Behind Sicnarf   Behind Sicnarf EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 7:18 am

Hello guys!

The one behind Sicnarf -that's me- is a spanish 24 years old maths student. Mi real name is Francis, Francisco or Fran, as you wish. First of all, apologize about my awesome english... you will see what i mean.

I love rol games, I've been playing them for 10 years now, more or less. I must say sadly I have not much experience further than single computer rol games -Mass Effect, KOTOR I and II, Baldur's Gate, NvW Nights ...-, since I live in a small city and it has been really hard play a good pen & paper game with my friends. Also, I had to be Game Master very early, so I have more exp like Master than player. So I'm pretty "hungry" for playing with you guys.

Apart from that... I like very much films and book, above all those that make you think, or let you with a stupid smile in your face.
There is one thing you should know about me... I like joking, speaking with bad language and being diplomat. So, if i say something that bothers you, please think its a joke or tell me, probably it has been without meaning. Anycase, I'm shy until I know at least a bit a person, so that could take time Very Happy

To end, this is my first mmo game, so there are a lot of things i still dont know, especially about rol playing in it. So hope I'll know sooner than later you all IC and make some "plotline" with you!
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Behind Sicnarf
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