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 Crafting items and you: How it's going to work in Patch 1.2

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PostSubject: Crafting items and you: How it's going to work in Patch 1.2   Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:22 am

Okay, so in this Friday's Q&A, we got a tidbit of information on how the gear is going to scale from Patch 1.2 onwards (I assume, from reading inbetween the lines).

It's going to go like this:

Crit crafted Orange gear


Commendation/token gear


Other gear.

Now, I'm sure a lot of people won't have problems with this, but it grinds my gears. I, personally, find crafting infuriating, and do not like to base a lot of my game time mindlessly working away at it. I've never really bothered with crafting in general, but it's only my opinion, like I've said, and I understand why some people might like it. What annoys me is how this crafted gear is going to dominate my character now, unless I invest a -lot- of credits into the next gear. The fact that gear being crafted gets you better gear than tokens makes the farming of tokens obsolete in the first place.

The Q&A is here, please post any thoughts ^^

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PostSubject: Worrying about min-maxing at this stage leads to the Dark side ;-)   Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:48 am

Crit crafted items are rather rare, AFAIK, and I bet crit crafted orange stuff will probably be even more so. Also, the main difference seems to be the augment slot, from what I can tell. Augments that are rare drops themselves.

In other words, some people with a lot of credits and/or time may have one or two items that are slightly better than the equivalent purplez the lesser mortals have access to, due to the augments fitted.

A difference that is pretty much always lost in the random noise of fight mechanics, server lag, player lag etcetera.

Your token will still be quite useful, I expect.
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Crafting items and you: How it's going to work in Patch 1.2
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