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PostSubject: Only the Foolish   Only the Foolish EmptySat Feb 25, 2012 8:09 am

Well seems i said too many things to the wrong people and ended up in the fortunate(?) position of Master of Training. Mad

First of all, let me say it is an honour to be able to help the Guild develop in anyway i can and that i will do my utmost to make us as successful as possible.

So to business with a broad guide to what i'm planning and hoping to develop.


Like many people who join an MMO most players will soon find that they fall into certain categories of play with certain abilities and skills that lend them to do some better than others. And more importantly a set sort of time around which they tend to be active online.
- My first objective is therefore to encourage ALL players who join the Guild to enjoy as much of the gaming experience as possible, be it the single hour sneaked in between homework or the long weekend relaxing play.

- Secondly i want them to feel like they want to be active and be a part of our Guild. In other words lets aim to have 20 plus active members with whom we can all enjoy our little bit of SWTOR most of the time.
- - - High guild membership numbers and player satisfaction is far more satisfying when we are surrounded by like minded people.
- - - The higher the active guild player base the higher the chances of sharing your experience and enjoy and vary what you discover and try out.
- - - Everybody finds their own niche be it PvP champ, PvE Moster slayer, most skilled crafter, Ultimate explorer, pet collector, rare item magnet, richest S.O.B on the server or even pilot of the "Best darn ship in the galaxy!" etc etc etc ..

- Thirdly and lastly on this point; whilst we aim to recruit active members we need to ensure that they "Fit" the Lightbearer style of play so i would ask for and await a discussion on how we bring people into the guild. (RP interview , recommended by what Guildies have seen, friends we know etc etc - the discussion is endless and is meant to encourage us to talk. It is not about filtering out or preventing them from joining!!!
- - - As this is an RP server i assume most players at least have some leaning as to wanting to do this as there are so many other servers to join if they dont - but it is not in any way a MUST do.

My job is to help you all try and maximise your experience to keep you wanting to play.


1) Any training will be done with the essence of fun to all concerned.
It can be RP'd if you so wish. But it is not essential.
I would ask however that if you want to PvP/PvE you are prepared to put the necessary time and effort in to gear appropriately.

2) If people in the guild want advice on a subject be it crafting , skills, PvP, Ops setups, RP plot help or similar, that we try to help them out as much as we can. This can be in chat if possible, game mail, or here on the forums.
- I will set up a set of sub headings for specific training areas for you to openly discuss the subject and rationalise the data.

Finally, I will upfront admit that i am not an expert on any of the classes that are in the game. I play for fun and enjoy finding out what does and doesnt work myself.
I do have a pretty good feel for the Consular healer bit so i can cover that ; but if anybody else who has a favourite class/subclass wants to be the go-to person when it comes to things; drop me a line and help me make this place a fun one to be.

Master Cavella Tae'darelle
Sage Healer and advisor to the Council of the Lightbearers.

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Only the Foolish
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