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 Galactic News Network - Nar Shadaa Riots - Iso Trom reporting

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PostSubject: Galactic News Network - Nar Shadaa Riots - Iso Trom reporting   Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:37 am

**Holocam shot of reporter standing in front of a scene of chaos fires, smoke barricades etc and a riotiong mob in the streets of Nar Shadaa's Shadow Town**

"As you can see the rioting here is still going on days after it mysteriously started in the moons Shadow Town region...."

**Holocam swings to show distant scenes of local Law enforcment officers set up behind barricades and vehicles exchanging fire down the streets with shapes moving in the smoke...
the cam swings back to the nearby medical team and the rows of injured offciers and troops....**

"... reports are still sketchy as to what has triggered this mass civil unrest and the local Hutts are refusing to comment on the situation, though assurances have been made that it is merely a matter of violent and disgruntled low life minority trying to ruin the experience on the resort mooon. The Casinos and tourist areas are as safe as ever and will remain open for business..
What is known that approximately 3 days ago a small team of mercenaries raided a building in the district. The building; believed to be part of an Imperial Trade and Communications facility was severely damaged in the raid. Imperial response to the attack is rumoured to have involved "Elite" units sweeping the area for clues.

Eye witnesses, at least those willing to comment; state that roving Sith Agents raided the areas around the location gathering anybody who saw anything and taking them away to be questioned.
When queried about the matter local Imperial representative Ambassador Argus Crowe reported that locals had "...volunteered to assist them with helping to identify those behind this viscous attack on a purely civilian facility...."

**the holocam shakes as a huge explosion rocks the reporter...it swivels to focus on a distant building that seems to have exploded in a shower of dust and smoke - lights in the area start to flicker out as power fails - it swivels back to Iso Trom its onboard spots flickering to life**

"I think ,, yes... i think i can confirm that that was the district power station that just blew up. A power outage is spreading across the area and things look like they are only going to get increasingly desperate for the local Leo's trying to bring this unrest under control. This is Iso Trom reporting live from the edge of Shadow Town......"

**The report ends with a shot of several police cruisers arriving to bolster the containment barricades as coloured blaster fire starts to fill the air beyond it**
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PostSubject: Re: Galactic News Network - Nar Shadaa Riots - Iso Trom reporting   Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:43 am

** During the holo recording, you swear you see Telretha in the background enjoying a nice drink and letting off some blaster rounds at a nearby vehicle **

Awesome way to report this Cav, I love it :3
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Galactic News Network - Nar Shadaa Riots - Iso Trom reporting
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