We are the lightbearers, to bring the light to the darkest reaches of the galaxy.
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 Hi there Lightbearers

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Hi there Lightbearers Empty
PostSubject: Hi there Lightbearers   Hi there Lightbearers EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 1:42 pm

Well, time to introduce myself..

Name's Daneeca in the SWTOR, Gunslinger & Trader Smile

IRL from Poland, although livin in Belgium, been roleplaying for 20 years now Smile STWOR is the first on-line RPG I've been playing, but I really enjoy it, especially since I joined the Lightbearers - you are really decent people, and I since joining I found myself RPG-ing more than questing, which is really, really nice.

So, once again, thanks for the warm welcome, and if you need anything ya know where to find me - either here or by contacting Daneeca through mail Smile

Take care!
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Hi there Lightbearers
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