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 Cavella Tae'darelle

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PostSubject: Cavella Tae'darelle   Cavella Tae'darelle EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 7:10 am

Greetingts one and all.
Many thanks for letting me join all you budding TOR players in helping create what will hopefully be the best RP server in The Old Republic.

Briefly a quick intro about me the player.
I'm mature (I actually hit 40 earlier this month cheers )
Ive been RPing whether table/ Live action or computerised since the age of 6 - That was with the good old purple box set original D&D. (Scary Huh?)

MMO experience has been EQ2, WoW, Eve, a little bit of Linage. (Never played Kotor or Galaxies - i truly wish i had)
Other gaming experience X Box , Playstation , PC based and far too many years of tabletop.

About me the person.
First of all, in that time ive played just about every class and race and species i think its possible to cram in. And let me be really clear upfront, i am a male player!
This toon just happens to be female this time around. My First male character is stuck on another over subsubscribed rp - abandoned as i had to queue repeatedly to even get online Sad

I love good RP , decent storyline .. (My bookshelves are full 2-3 deep with books - the floor hasnt collapsed yet though) and have a tendency to stay loyal to one or two characters i create for a game .. (in 4 yrs WoW only ever had two characters)

I look forwards to enjoying all this game has to offer with you all and looking forwards to letting you meet Cavella as she comes out of her own little shell.
As a side .. i really like collecting all the odd bits an pieces so can't wait for them to release seasonal special FP's etc .. (assuming they do)

Cavella Tae'Darelle - Jedi Sage/Healer/ and wearer of silly hats santa
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Cavella Tae'darelle
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