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Ioana Serenity

Ioana Serenity, Iona Rochelle,born and educated until the first clear signs of Force Manifestation on Dantooine.
Her birthparents are Tiitus Piatek, a Miraluka Jedi, and Teresa Rochelle, a Human.
As the result of a love between races, Iona was never able to use her sense of sight, even though there is nothing medically wrong with her ocular system.

Early Life
Tiitus Piatek raised Iona through her infancy and into her early childhood, at the age of five.
He had taken this task upon himself when the first signs of Iona's Force Sensitivity began to manifest.
Her father, although having the talents and skills of an exceptional Jedi Knight, chose to remain an outcast, as he publicly displayed resentment towards the more outlandish rulings and actions of the Order. Even so, he made sure the first lesson in life which Iona would never forget was that the Order was to be respected and obeyed, unless her heart pleaded her to do otherwise.

His great hopes and dreams for her better future were the reasons why, with a heavy heart, he took her to a Jedi Temple which he knew would let her in and be part of their own.
The records state that from that day, no other meeting between Tiitus Piatek and Iona ever took place, thus making her father figure a ghost in the fog of memories.

"Iona, even though from now on your teachers will be called Masters, know that you will never be a slave to Order.
Your heart will not allow it. They will be your Mentors and even though uncertain and odd, you should always heed their words and do as you are told. The path they walk is the right one to walk in life and I stray from it every day because my heart tells me so.

But, always remember that if ever your heart truly speaks against the requests of your Masters, then you should always trust the former to be right. I cannot go with you because I still blame them for losing your mother. And now, in a way, I`m losing you to them as well...

When the Order found out about Teresa, your mother, and the feelings my heart had for her, they forbade me from ever seeing her again. I didn`t know about you back then, she never told me.
And when I received news of her asking for my help, I chose to not follow my heart and instead heed the commands of the Order.
Even though, I was so close to where she was, I chose to send another team to aid her.
Your mother never wanted me to learn about you, Iona, my child.
She too believed that my duties and responsibilities to the Order were more important."


"I wish the Force will guide you through a Destiny which does not have these hard choices to make.
Although you are so young, I know that even if you forget these words, you will understand them.
My heart is now torn in two because I cannot possibly do this to the very end and in the same time, I want you to be able to have the best life that you can. Although you might think so poorly of the Order now, do not.
I hope you will see that even though I love you with all my heart, between the Order and myself, it is I who is the bad guy.
I do not want you to live a life torn in two like mine.
I want you to be strong, to be brave, to be intelligent, to always remain beautiful and pure. And I want you to be safe."

As Iona passed the gateway of the temple, her heart was filled with sorrow and anger.
Within the courtyard there half a dozen young padawans, all older than her but none over the age of eight years.
They sat in a makeshift circle and through their meditation, they attempted to each lift a heavy stone from the center of the circle with just their call upon the Force.
The Padawans were so focused on their attempt that they had not even noticed her arrival.
However, that changed when without any notice Iona channeled the Force within and lifted several of the stones at once, almost effortlessly. The children stared at her in wide-eyed disbelief.

"It is always pleasant to see a new face...", a voice spoke from behind her, their Jedi Master who until then had been nearby but intentionally out of sight "However, youngling, you should know that it is extremely rude to both boast with your assets AND do somebody else's work for them.", he went on.

His voice spoke in a light-hearted manner but his aged eyes seemed so serious.
Iona's attention was however focused inside of her.
As soon as she had grasped the edges of the first stone, through Force, she realized that her heartache and anger waned instantly, being replaced with confidence and a timid form of assertiveness.
She knew that she was good enough to join the Temple and she began to understand that her father had been right about all of this.
As she let the stones drop to the ground and a small cloud of dirt formed, she turned her head from the master to the Padawans.

"Apologies.", she coldly spoke and the serious tone of such a young child made the Jedi Master smile did"I not intend to interfere, I... wanted to help you all out I guess."

"Who are you?", the Master asked her.

"Somebody who is nobody outside of these Temple walls." she spoke out, feeling her father's words and means of expression coming through her mouth "Somebody who wants to be part of this Temple, and if deemed worthy enough, the Order."

"I knew your father."

"Really? I... I wished I truly knew him as well."

"Your words are quite wise for somebody of such a small stature.
Do you have no fear inside of you that because of who your father is, I will cast you out of this place?"

"I never even considered that."

"And now that you do consider it?"

"Hmm... no. There is no reason for you or the Order to judge somebody and deny them their lives just because of who their parents were. Even I can clearly see that, Master."

"Do not call me Master, little one. I did not agree to let this Temple be your home."

"But... will you? No matter of what you choose, I will still remain a vessel of the Force."

"True. It would seem that my mind was made up for me. Very well, you may serve this Temple and learn the ways and disciplines of the Force. You will have a Master and whoever they are, they will be a teacher and a friend. And, if in your time here you learn to altruistically place the Order above the whims of your own heart, perhaps the Order will reach out its hands to you as well."

In the Temple, Iona was granted her basic training and understanding of the Force but everybody refused to allow her to be taught in the ways of the Jedi.
Accepting this without any argument, she spent most of her time in the Temple's own Medcenter, where she tended to the afflicted, the ill and the wounded.
Here, she was observed by her future Master, Klee Tlo, a female of the Kel Dar race and her most admirerd apprentice Cavella Tae'Darelle.
Kle Tlo and Cavella believed that there is great potential in Iona, regardless of the Council's decision.
And after several attempts of negociation, Klee Tlo convinced the Temple Masters to take Iona in as her new Padawan.

Academy Life

While she did not prove to be an entirely outstanding pupil at the Academy, she certainly was above the average Padawan in everything she did.
Even so, she would spend most of her free time in the Libraries where she had developed an unhealthy thirst for the history of the Jedi. However, her life was not a lonely one either. She made good friends with other skilled Cavella, who later on would become her best and most trusted friend and advisor.

"My good Cavella", she chimed one evening "Apologies for my absence this morning, I slept in... Spent the whole night again reading a manuscript so ancient that it could crumble at the sound of a sneeze."

" Master Tlo wagered you were in the Library again doing that almost annoying thing you do so well."

"And which annoying thing is that?"

"Being so bloody smart...", Cavella smirked.

"I see, well if it annoys you I will be sure that as long as I am in your company I will do it more often."

"Oh, the joys!"

"But back to the manuscript. It was about the Golden Age of the Sith! And the odd thing is that while I was reading it, I found a familiar name. And at first, I could not tell exactly where I knew that name from. And for some reason, I just could not let this go."

"Really? I am so surprised because you usually do let everything go."

"Oh, good Cavella, if only your mastery in the Force was as fine as your mastery in sarcasm... You could run this whole Academy."


"Anyway, back to the important thing.
The name. I spend the entire night searching inside my mind, trying to find out where I knew the name from.
And just a couple of hours before Sunrise, I remembered.
It's a memory so old that one has to ask themselves if it is actually a memory long forgotten or just a dream from long ago.
In this memory, I was still with father.
I have no idea where we were but there were these great statues and I remember that the air around us was bitter and salty.
And there were these silhouettes, like shadows near some odd stones.
They were maybe three or four of them, the shadows I mean.
And then I remember that my father was gone and I was still there all alone with these strange things and I was not scared.
And then, these silhouettes started talking and they were talking to me.
And the first who talked... he resembled a wharl, and his shoulders and back was covered in bristly fur.
I think he tried to look imposing and scary but I know for sure that I was not afraid of him.
His eyes were orange, radiating, shining. I could not look away because they looked so beautiful and interesting, it was like whole worlds existed inside of them. And then I remember him speaking without moving his mouth or lips.
I heard him speak to me but not through voice!
Always respect life, no matter the shape it takes.
And ever since then, I took it for granted even though I could not remember why."

"That's... heavy. Are you sure it actually just wasn't a dream? Iona, if that is in fact a memory, it's more than just interesting.
Still, his words were just another version of a principle within the Jedi Code- Respect all life in any form.

"Yes, well... Like I said. I tried really hard to remember the name from the manuscript.
It's the name of a Tchuukthai Jedi Master. He lived in the age surrounding the events of the Great Sith War."

"Thon! He was the Master of Nomi Sunrider who later on would become the head of the Jedi Order."

"Heh, it is always refreshing to discover that beyond all those smirks and sarcastic remarks you are still the same old Cavella, the only Jedi with a bigger thirst for history than me."

"Oh the thirst is there alright, but that's just because you leave me with an empty mug all the time."

"Do you really think this was just a dream? After he said those words, another person was a Draethos who had a scrolled. As the scroll unfurled it was covered in letters and I could easily read them."

"Read them? How old were you? Four? Maybe three? And you read them? It's just starting to be more and more obvious that it was dream, Iona!"

"No, no it's not that! The letters made sense as if they wanted me to understand them. There were a lot of letters but the message itself was easy to understand. Always improve yourself through knowledge and training."

"That's what it said?"

"That's what it said."

"I think your brain just might start getting hallucinations from all the fungi in those dusty books and old manuscripts you keep reading."

"Fine, you can choose to not believe me and just say I'm a delusional dreamer.
But deep down, my heart tells me that it was not a dream but a memory."

"Are you sure you just don't want your heart to tell you that?" Cavella asked and without hesitation Iona's answer came.

"When it comes to the voice within my heart, there is never any doubt."

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