We are the lightbearers, to bring the light to the darkest reaches of the galaxy.
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 A little 'Splainin'

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A little 'Splainin' Empty
PostSubject: A little 'Splainin'   A little 'Splainin' EmptySun Feb 05, 2012 4:25 am

Hoy all:
I be sittin' here thinkin' that I should tell a thing bout me'self sos there be nay misunderstandin' birthed. I be new mongst thee, and honored greatly by the joinin' indeed. However, though I have seen some in passin', I have had little ta say and such.
Mostly, I be bout tryin' ta gain me learnin' sos I can help in the matters of Lightbearin', but there be another issue too. You see I have traveled far and much alone, nay joinin' many along the way and me groupin' skills be poor. Then too I nay speak that cursed tongue, the 'ooc' none, no. This then brings me ta the point ta be made. The Guild Com be so filled with that foul tongue, the 'ooc', and it be so distractin' ta me, that I dis-engage it most o' the time. Now I mean nay disrespect or evil intent, it be just that I can nay abide it none.
So, what I be sayin' be this, If err I be needed or be the subject of a sayin', please contact me direct-like., and know I nay be shy or nay social a'tall, just not understandin' the jibber jabber of the 'ooc'. If thee call upon me, I will try and speak 'plain' as I can and am willin' ta help all I can indeed.
I hope that puts a better light on meself and lets all who have an interest, know that I nay be stand-offish or the like.
As it is, So shall it

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A little 'Splainin'
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