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 Telretha - The Tatooine Tragedy

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PostSubject: Telretha - The Tatooine Tragedy   Telretha - The Tatooine Tragedy EmptyThu Feb 02, 2012 4:59 am

Chapter 1 - Do you really want to do that?

The barbaric sun rose over the rolling hills of the dune sea, joining its larger sibling in the scorched morning sky. Moisture converters churned away into the sand, with whirring, clanging sounds halting them momentarily before a new moisturising process began. A lone Reek charged into a small alcove, scaring out the womp rats. It slammed it's weighted foot down on the small creature, before tearing away at it's vulnerable flesh. Rill's scattered over the sand, expertly manoeuvring the dunes.

Behind these masters of the waves of sand, a young mirialan smashed through the sand, rolling down the dune. She had long brown hair, which had indented slightly at around her neck height, indicating that she usually had it held up. Her face was young, eager eyed and fresh, but now an element of fear clouded her vision. Her smooth cheek had been invaded by an ugly gash which had bled down her tattoo'd face. In one hand, she held a small bag, hastily emptying due to a small hole in the bottom. Golden coins were slowly rattling out of the small leather purse, unaware to the mirialan. In her other hand was a blaster, which couldn't have been held much tighter. It was steaming, recently used. As she rolled back up, a figure in a jet black cloak leapt up over the other side of the dune, sprinting after her.

The Mirialan hastily jumped to her feet, running as fast as she could. The bag had been dropped, and now her other hand was free. The sith warrior chased on after her, his lightsaber now drawn. The bright red beam almost hid itself within the scorched sand, and as he caught up, an appearance of desperation clouded the smugglers face, followed by a snarky grin.

The Sith Warrior leaped for her.

She turned, pulling out her scattergun, closing her eyes, and letting off a fletchette round to the Sith's head.


Telretha looked up at her ship, smirking to herself.

"She's a real beauty, ain't she." She turned round triumphantly, looking at the destroyed wreck that was the other ship in the hangar.

"Come on Tel, this is ridiculous, I only took one of your shipments!" The man looked desperate. A panicked frown was clouding his face, and the triumphant smirk that he was looking at irritated him even further.

"Somebody should be learning not to do that to innocent little girls, shouldn't they!" retorted the mirialan smuggler, walking casually up to the man and winking at him. "Next time, maybe someone will behave themselves, won't they."

"It was unfair! You can't just blow up my ship because I took a single shipment of spice!"

Telretha shrugged. She didn't need to care, she didn't have to care. She walked off to her XS Freighter, stroking the hand railing into the ship. "Next time, don't interfere with my work!".

The lone man looked hopelessly at the Freighter as it took off, slumping to his knee's and sighing. Behind him, a man in a jet black cloak walked out from the shadow's behind him. Not a sound was heard from him, not even his footsteps. He stopped behind the desperate man, looking down.

"Where is she going?"

The man fell forwards, before turning and getting up, peering at the cloaked figure.

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Telretha - The Tatooine Tragedy
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