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 Discussion Thread!

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PostSubject: Discussion Thread!   Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:24 am

Huzzah! Something to sink my time into. Basically, I'll just throw up the latest news to do with the game, and we can discuss it like bosses.

Unfortunately, news has dried up recently. Bioware haven't really made any announcements since Patch 1.1, and I hope it'd be to fix Ilum up. From what I've heard, it's been horrible since the patch hit.

The main discussion that's been going on this week is the fact that Activists have targeted Bioware, and mainly SWTOR for having same-gender relationships. As I assume you all know, same gender relationships are currently unavailable at the moment, but Bioware has indicated it will be introduced in a new patch sometime post launch. Activists are striking against this, calling it too graphic for a game aimed at the younger teenage audience.

What are your thoughts? Should we allow same gender relationships between the player and the companion, or is it considered too "graphic" in your view?
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Seneschal Rebekah
Seneschal Rebekah

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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Thread!   Thu Feb 02, 2012 8:35 am

It's one option, it's not intrusive, if it's done non-judegmentally (so not seen to be a favourable or unfavourable decision) then really it's a non-issue.

My Jedi chestguard is a dark colour. There are no low level leggings that are black. Are they anti-black?! Oh noes!

My time in the cantina, even spending in-games tokens, has found no no reggae. And nobody has dreadlocks. Are they anti-Jamaican?

I've yet to find a plot line involving a King or Queen and soverign nation. Are they anti-monarchy?

So many worlds, so many people, no organised recognisable faiths dominating time and lives of players and NPCs. Mmmm, are they anti-religious?

Holocalls, videos, messages, but no newspapers, no news channels, no news programmes, no bloggers, on Coruscant a journalist even asks for help. No mainstream media, then. Just totalitarian control of information. Ah, they're anti-freedom of speech.

Elegant clothing needs us to develop Social Rank in game before we can buy it. The dancing girl/Princess Leia/slave girl look can be picked up from the Imperial Fleet's vendor with no Social or Light or Dark or any other rank. They promote dressing as blatantly slutty over dressing elegantly. Are they anti-modesty?

They have slaves and slave girl dancers. Openly. Mmmm, are Bioware pro-slavery?

There are no folk rich in piercings or arm/back/body tattoos. Characters can't be. A very clean and ultra-conservative look, then, forced on evert player and every NPC. Are they anti-counterculture and self expression?

I think it would be easy to pick any racial, cultural, religious or political position and contend that SWTOR isn't politically correct. And thank goodness for that, it's meant to be a game world, not a politically correct representation of bits of our world. It's not meaning Bioware are wrong. I like that Bioware opt for diverse plot content and options, without being graphic about it.

It's all utter, utter nonsense. My kids are young, they "get" that same sex relationships exist. It's not weird or unsettling or tabboo or to be concealed. Contentious content implicitly and explicitly unfolds in SWTOR already, especially within the Sith storyline. To say nothing that wandering around slaying sentient beings with a blaster or lightsabre is not only acceptable, but is utterly necessary and routine . . . endless graphic carnage and death is okay but a girl liking a girl isn't?!

Allowing same sex relationships is reasonable. You can reason it through. It's reasonable. I really can't see why it's even seen to be an issue . . .

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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Thread!   Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:31 am

Now, my thought about romances in ToR is they are too...short? If thats an answer? You sometimes see a kiss and then a fade black. This is just my opinion, as I just came from the Mass Effect series.

Regarding same sex relantionships , I don't see why they couln't be ingame.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Thread!   

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Discussion Thread!
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