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 Who Am I - Question

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Who Am I - Question Empty
PostSubject: Who Am I - Question   Who Am I - Question EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 12:41 pm

Good Question.. glad i asked it.

Hi, Im a 28 year old Animator/Film Compositor. My real name David Landau. I studied at University of Westminster for a BA (Hons) Animation, and I also studied at Escape Studios for Compositing. My first foray into Online MMO was Dark Age of Camelot, where Zante tlked me into playing.. he also talked me into WOW, FFXI, Guild Wars, SWG, ... i think there's a pattern emerging here.. Smile

My character Darkwing Shadowghast. Captain Darkwing.. The Title came with the ship. Is a smuggler, scoundrel, lovable rogue. Sure he flirts with every girl in every port but deep down, he only has eyes for 1 love in his life... Credits. He has no love for the empire, or sith, for no reason. No past events have led him to the conclusion. Just what is right and what is wrong... and sometimes the Republic skirt past that line a few times... which does make my guy realize, that in this galaxy, there are three sides to every story, The Imps side, and the Republics side, and the Truth ... none of which are ever the same.. Which is why my guy is always looking out for number 1.
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Who Am I - Question
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