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 About me - brief!

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About me - brief! Empty
PostSubject: About me - brief!   About me - brief! EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 8:37 am

Heya, my name's Andrew, I'm loathe to mention my surname as I'm aware of the prevalance of google's web bots and am attempting to grow my online presence in a certain way. If you wanted to find it, you needn't look further than my blog: virtualautonomy.com

I'm, 28 and a member of academic staff at the University of Hertfordshire here in the UK. My speciality involves 2D design and real-time 3D graphics.

I enjoy fencing, Aikido, manga, anime, swimming, video games, meeting people etc... :]

About me - brief! 316196_10150443225113833_691963832_10432385_59539402_n
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About me - brief!
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