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 Let's put this subforum to some use!

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PostSubject: Let's put this subforum to some use!   Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:17 am

So, since most RP now seems to be spontaneous, and consequently quite short (aside from the Leoman arc, which is the only longer RP I've experienced), I thought we could plan a longer RP here, which can last several nights, or even a week.

This would be my first attempt ever at planning an RP event, so I would love feedback, wether it be constructive criticism or just outright rejecting ideas.

First, we'll need to have set times for it to start, at least. I think evenings work best for everyone, after dinner. To give everybody time to prepare and end quests and such, this shouldn't be too specific, so I propose a starting window of between 19:00 and 19:30 GMT.

People would of course be able to just join when the beginning is announced in-game, but if somebody registers for the RP on a certain day in this thread, we'll be sure to wait until 19:30 for them to show up. Obviously, jumping in in the middle of an RP would be possible too, but the IC explanation would have to be arranged on the fly with one of the RP leaders.

RP leaders would have to be limited, and have some sort of chain of command, with a democratic option to remove somebody from said position if they are overstepping the boundaries. These leaders would have a sort of Dungeon Master function, while also participating in the RP. Because we already have a movement and combat system, their function will be more limited than in a tabletop RPG, but they will decide about external things, and be the IC leaders of whatever the RP is as well.

Also, I forgot who proposed it, but someone proposed that some people should act as NPCs as well, be it questgivers or enemies. These roles could be filled by alts, people who want to be the bad guys, or perhaps people who can only participate in the RP for a little bit
Obviously, Empire-sided alts would be fantastic as enemies, but I believe most of these are quite low-level, which would make them too easy, so I guess we'll be stuck with the 1-vs-1 duel system in SWTOR.

Now, story-wise, I'm feeling rather inspiration-less at the moment, but I will go walk my dog and see if I can't come up with a nice start to the whole thing.

If anybody reads this in the meantime, do make suggestions, suggest a starting date, apply to be an event leader, anything! Can't do an RP by myself, after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Let's put this subforum to some use!   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:03 am

I'm applying for even leader then Smile, going to try to do a basic storyline and expand from there, hopefully with your help and the other event leader's help
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Let's put this subforum to some use!
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