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 Raynd Xentan

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PostSubject: Raynd Xentan   Raynd Xentan EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 2:58 am

Before I start, I just want to say that its not the best story out there, but I hope you will like it. Enjoy.

I. Instrument of Fate
-Taking the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate

The sun was gazing over the temple grounds on Korriban, where Sith acolytes trained in the ways of the force ,looking to please their watching masters. One master stood out from the others, a tall sith pureblood whose eyes we're red as his lightsaber. As he waited , a slim human man approached him, trembling as he was closer and closer to the dark master.
- M-Master, they are ready.
- Very well Vudric, as he sighted , you are released from my service. Go find a nice girl and live.
Vudric, suprised at the Master's words, left without a moment's thinking, finally being free, as he was a slave his whole life.

The dark master made his way to the spaceport , looking back to make sure he is not followed, until he spots one of his oldest friends , Jace Cademomu, a young man with long hair who, on the sight of the dark master, grinned but had a cold stare.
- Are you sure you want to do this? , asked Jace.
- I want to do something right in my life for once.
-Yes, but the Xentan family is strong, and you've sensed both of these boys's potential. They would make fine sith lords indeed.
-That's my fear, Jace. They don't deserve this life. I want them to grow free of the Empire's aggresion.
Jace understood, with his eyes set upon the ship they needed to escape. It was nothing special, a typical imperial transport vessel, but the plan needed to be done fast to succeed.
At that moment, a beautifull human woman caught the eye of Jace, recognizing it's Andreea, the dark master's wife, who was carrying two bundles with her.
-I've got the babies here , said Andreea looking at both men equally , when is our ship leaving?
As Andreea finished her words , Darth Jadus appeared several metters behind her
- Stop right there ,whelps! as he screamed, Imperial SIS troopers marching alongside him.
Jace , hot on his heels, took both of the babies and run to the ship. Seeing as both his friends stood in the same place, screamed after them:
- Aren't you coming?
- No old friend. We need to provide a distraction.
Jace stopped and looked back at the master, with confusion in his eyes.
- I....I will protect them. You have been a good friend, Sollace, said Jace, then boarded the ship and prepared the engines for departure.
Andreea approached , looking at Sollace, his face being calm , ready to die for his sons.
- So this is the end..., said Andreea.
- No , this is only the beginning. Our legacy will live on through our sons. They will make their mark on this world.
As the Imperials approached , Sollace hugged Andreea, and was finally redeemed.

As Jace took off with the Imperial Transport Vessel, he looked back through the windows to Korriban, sighing , and then locked hyperspace coordonates to Nar Shaddaa.
He was looking back and forth at the babies and sensed their power , even if he was no force user himself. He knew the Empire would eventually found them , so he decided to separate the boys.
Landed on Nar Shaddaa, he took one of the babies,Trent, to an old pal, whom he trusted to take care of him. After much chatting around, Jace eventually returned to the ship and looked back at the other boy.
Looking in his eyes, Jace decided it was time to visit back his own homeplanet. Tatooine.
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PostSubject: Re: Raynd Xentan   Raynd Xentan EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 3:56 am

II. Instrument of Rebellion
- Slipped through the net and lived to fight another day

Tatooine's twin sons we're on sky , burning bright and emanating an incredible heat, more so in the Dune sea , where, against all odds, a mining operation was underway, digging through rock to find a rare mineral.
The work was hard , but it was the only way to make credits on Tatooine for now. While in the food break, a young fine built man was still digging through, hoping that his overseers take note of this. Though, unknown to them, he was secretly using
the force to find where the mineral was, though still to no avail, as the mineral was still mettres of rock away.
As the suns began to set , the young man left the mining operation and was on his way home. Arriving at his home in the Jundland , greeted by an old grey hared man.
- So finally you arrive, Raynd. , Jace grinning.
- Shut up old man! , Raynd grinning also.
- So how is the mining operation going? asked Jace
- Its still a ways off...but i'm close to the mineral, I can feel it.
- Its not wise, Raynd. You shouln't be the one that finds out the mineral.
- But the company would give us a lot of credits!
- Thats the problem. People's egos are big and may hurt you in the end.
Raynd was irritated by Jace, but he also had a bad feeling about it.
- In any case , there is a sandstorm coming tomorrow as I hear, said Jace.
- You worry to much, old man.
Jace grinned , but knew that Raynd will have to know of his true destiny, of what he could become. He decided he will tell him tomorrow .

The next day, Raynd was working yet again hard to find that mineral , until finally , he dug what he could find of it out , and rushed to the overseers. Impressed, they give Raynd a promotion, much to the disbelief of the other miners.
Later that day, Raynd took a stroll through Anchorhead to find what's new in the market , making a list of what he could buy now that he had more money to spend. Returning to Jundland, he spotted his home being on fire, as armed people we're around it . As Raynd was angered immensly by this, he shouted out to them without thinking , and the mercenaries started shooting toward them. No time to think, Raynd bolted back to Anchorhead, though the men we're still after them.
Seeing no other sollution, he fled to a nearby cave that was rumored to be inhabited by a krayt dragon. The men stopped at the entrance , thinking Raynd will be killed by the dragon, and returned to Anchorhead. Raynd, out of curiosity, travelled far back into the cave. As it was dark , he took baby steps more and more towards the heart of the cave. Then, as like something copied out of a nightmare, a vicious scream was heard infront of him. At that moment , Raynd's body paralyzed , but it was not fear that grips him , only restlessness , a heightened sense of things. He felt his heart racing, but he ventured forth , looking to find out what this was . At that moment a dim light appeared , and as he moved closer and closer to it, it took a form of a glowing cube. He touched this cube and a figure appeared from it, startling Raynd in the process.
- So you are the one that braved my cave and activated my holocron. Then you are destined for greatness, and I lay all my hopes to you.
Raynd didn't know what to say, as he did not know what the man from the holocron meant.
- I see you have no idea what i'm talking about . My name is Revan, and I was a Jedi and Sith once. And I created a holocron for the purpose of training only the ones that we're brave enough for me to teach.
Sensing as his destiny brought him here for a reason, and having anger over the mercenaries for what they did, Raynd accepted this "Revan"s teachings.

A few days pass , and Raynd finally exits the cave, looking determined and making his way towards the mining site. There, he recognized the men, and immediatly attacked them, bursts of lighting materializing from his hand , killing the men before they know what was happening. In his rage , he did not see that Jace was being a prisoner and struck him down too. At that moment , Raynd calmed down and saw what he has done and rushed to Jace.
- No! Don't go, I'm so sorry...,said Raynd , not knowing what to do.
- Do not worry...about this. Your fate to control the force was always clear ,said Jace coughing in the meantime, and I swore to your parents I will protect you with all my heart, and I did.
- My parents? What do you mean?
- Your parents...we're killed by the Empire, as Jace's coughing was becoming more and more alarming, but you must know...there is..another..Xentan...alive, said Jace, his life finishing in the blink of an eye.
As Raynd stood up , he had a cold stare, and being angered by all this , he proved his sith bloodline, as he roars long and loud , as the sandstorm starts forming on the mine site.
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PostSubject: Re: Raynd Xentan   Raynd Xentan EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 7:34 pm

Will continue in a couple of days,maybe sooner than that! Cool
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