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 Jedi Records: Durnikas

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Name: Durnikas
Age: 42
Species: Tolian Twi'lek
Hair Colour: Non-Applicable
Eye Colour: Purple
Skin Colour: Brown
Notable Features: Dark markings on Lekku, large scar and burn marks on face.
Discovered on: Ryloth
Biography: Durnikas was found at a young age on Ryloth, found for sale in the Twi'lek slave markets, put there by his parents to avoid the poverty of their clan.
Discovered by Master Gerrik Vhaan of the Jedi Order, a fellow Twi'lek, he was found to be strong with the force, and after some aggressive bartering on the side of Master Gerrik Vhaan, was given to the protection of the Jedi Order.
As a youngling, Durnikas found a quick grasp of the Force, and excelled at Lightsaber training, often being the first in his class to block or destroy the remotes used for practice.
Durnikas was chosen as a Padawan at age 11, by Master Gerrik Vhaan, the two travelled together for 8 years as Master and Padawan, with several notable missions kept on file, including the successful defeat of the Dark Jedi Marloon Grex on Kryte IV.
At the age of 19 Durnikas was made a Jedi Knight of the Order, specialising in the combat arts he became a Sentinel of the order.
At the age of 22, Durnikas disappeared from the Jedi Order without a Trace after a mission that saw him return to Ryloth, it was believed he was killed while on the mission after an extensive search.
Durnikas returned to the Jedi Order at the age of 28, returning in clothes not of the order and without his lightsaber, he refused to explain where he had been for 6 years to the Jedi Order.
After 3 years of meditation and testing, Durnikas was re-admitted to the Jedi Order.
He spent the next nine years working for the Order, only once taking a Padawan.
He became master of the Lightbearers at the age of 40
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Jedi Records: Durnikas
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