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 Republic Criminal Record: Alon'Ir

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Republic Criminal Record: Alon'Ir Empty
PostSubject: Republic Criminal Record: Alon'Ir   Republic Criminal Record: Alon'Ir EmptyWed Jan 11, 2012 7:15 am

Republic Police Force Database

Criminal Records


Personal ID

Name: Alon'Ir

Last Name: Unknown

Species: Twi'Lek

Gender: Female

Age: Estimated 20-25

Physical Description

Skin tone: Yellow

Eyecolor: Blue

Height: 1,68 SUD ( Standard Unit of Distance)

Mass: Estimated 60 SUM (Standard Unit of Mass)

Notable features: Tribal-like tattoos running across Lekku and parts of face


Suspected of:

-Smuggling of illegal goods
-Escaping arrest
-Buying and selling of illegal goods


Youth of subject largely unknown, presumed to have been abducted or bought from family at a young age, and brought into slavery. First officially registered as part of a group of stowaways aboard Republic freighter "The Ruman" on 12-9-5 BTC under the name Alon'Ir. Identity presumed to be fake, no logs of an Alon'Ir being born exist on any Republic world. All stowaways, including subject, were dressed in stolen misfitting clothes, a handful, including subject, had also obtained blaster pistols. Subject managed to escape custody with several others, incapacitating almost a dozen Republic Security Officers before escaping to the nearest planet on an escape pod. On Alderaan, the planet in question, there was a sudden outbreak of theft in the two weeks following the incident, with anything from clothes to credits to weapons being stolen from seemingly random targets. This crimewave died down quickly, presumably when the subject left the planet.

Subject then all but dissapeared, although some references to a young Twi'Lek girl were made in the underworld of Nar Shaddaa, where the subject was first suspected to be carrying illegal goods aboard a small freighter, although none were found, on 27-2-2 BTC.
This was the first and only time a Republic Customs boarding party had succesfully come aboard any ship piloted by the subject.

As said, the subject has managed to escape any attempt at arrest by any Republic Personell to date, despite numerous search and arrest operations by the SIS, because the subject appears to have never stayed at a single planet more than a week, until the 8th month of 3 ATC, on Ord Mantell. Though no official documentation exists, the subject's ship appears to have been stolen on this planet. Probably in an attempt to gain information about her ship, the subject aided the Republic war effort on Ord Mantell greatly, for which the governor of Ord Mantell has requested an official pardon for the subject. Although the pardon was not granted, Republic Police Force has been instructed to cease any attempts at arrest until further notice.


Under investigation, subject may not be apprehended or arrested by any Republic Law Enforcement. All new evidence must be presented to appropriate Commanding Officer, and all action against subject must be approved by a representative of the Senate.

(Constructive criticism is very much welcome, this was written in about 20 minutes, so....)
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Republic Criminal Record: Alon'Ir
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